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Listing Provided By :  Larry W. Brow & David Makowski

Location: GALLINAS, NEW MEXICO 87017

Size: Approximately 73.98 acres

The ranch consists of pasture and hillside terrain with the bottom land being estimated at 7 to 10 acres and some previously irrigated through a flood irrigation system by acacia of unknown status. It fronts highway 65 for approximately 1500 ft and fronts Gallinas River on both sides for approximately 1700 ft. Owner will place a deed restriction preventing the further subdividing of the property.

Climate: The marvelous climate of the Las Vegas area is a major benefactor to
newcomers as well as old timers. The average mean daily temperature for July is 64.4 degrees F and for January 34.5 degrees F. The average annual rainfall is 17 inches while the average winter snowfall is near 36 inches, however it usually comes in the form of 2
to 4 inches per occurrence and rarely lasts longer then 48 hours due to the high mid day winter temperatures. Another attraction of the area climate is the clear dry air where frequently the visibility allows mountain ranges in excess of 100 miles to be seen with
the naked eye. Las Vegas was included in a list of top 10 places to retire by the Kiplinger Financial News Letter a few year ago primarily for its modest year round climate.

Area Attractions: The Las Vegas and San Miguel County areas are becoming one of
the most recognized in the state for its abundant attractions and historic past. Established in 1835 by grant it was first settled in the name of fifteen Spanish families. By 1846,
General Stephen W. Kearney found Las Vegas to be a thriving community of 1,500 when he took possession of New Mexico for the United States. William Becknell had by this time already opened the Santa Fe Trail between Independence, Missouri and Santa Fe for
which Las Vegas became a scheduled stop. The Santa Fe Trail has now been designated a National Historic Trail. Other attractions include Fort Union National Monument, Pecos National Monument, Pecos Wilderness, The Armand Hammer United World College of the American West, and the Rough Riders Museum which until recently was
the site for the annual Rough Riders Reunion. This area was frequented by such notorious men and women as the likes of Billy the Kid, Vicente Silva and his gang, Belle Sidons (alias Monte Verde), Jesse James, Doc Holiday and his girlfriend Big nosed Kate.
Doc Holiday operated a dental office, saloon and gambling hall in Las Vegas before moving to Tombstone, Arizona.